Force FC - most recent club Promoted to the USYS National League!!

   USYS National League - North Atlantic Conference

Promoted Clubs - Girls Club v Club Premier I

Force FC


We are extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to compete in the USYS National League North Atlantic Conference Club v Club Premier I Division.   Not only will this help the club take the next step in helping our players develop to their fullest potential but it will truly bring a club mindset and feel to each and every game day, as all of our girls U13 and up teams will play back to back at the same location.  With Force FC being Promoted to the Club v Club Division of the USYS National League, this acknowledges the hard work and dedication that our players, coaches and families (past and present) have put into our player's, team's and club's overall development.

From our Director of Player and Coach Development, Brendan Lawler:


“Force FC is excited and proud to be welcomed into the EDP USYS Club vs Club National League format. Excited because we are able to strengthen our relationship with a top class organization like EDP and the other high level clubs in the league. Proud to have EDP recognize the success of our long term, player centric development model.

We can’t wait to get started!” 


Immediate  benefits:  

  • Director of player and coach development, Brendan Lawler - will be able to see all of our coaches and players regularly on game days.  Having coach Brendan's input and guidance both at games and in constructing sessions based on what the team/players/coaches performance is in games will be great for  player/team/coach  development.
  • Having a true club feel on game day - as the teams U13 and up will play games back to back at the same location for each league match.  
  • By being promoted to the National League (NL) North Atlantic Conference, we are joining an outstanding group of clubs with a similar vision as Force FC and knowing that we'll be consistently playing with them for the better development of all our players.  Club v Club Members:  Force FC. Chelsea Piers (CT), NY Surf, Albany Alleycats, Long Island SC, Manhattan SC, NJ Crush, Long Island Slammers and STA-MUSC.
  • Provides consistency among all our teams - consistency in training, game day routines and familiarization with all of our coaches on the girls side across the ages.  This consistency will pay dividends as players play from team to team if needed as well as when they get to the U14-U16 ages, where coach Brendan gets directly involved with coaching the teams and then when coach Mike Eckberg takes over coaching at the U17/U18 age.  


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