Coach's Corner

Thank you for volunteering to coach.  

As a club we rely on our parent volunteers to help ensure our children are provided the proper training and experience to enjoy the game of soccer. We also understand that not everyone who volunteers their time was a college or high school soccer player. In order to help, we have put together these resources that show you how to set up and run your practice in the most age appropriate way


Please email with any problems, issues, or questions.  We understand the difficulty of running teams and are here to assist so please do not hesitate to contact us.  We welcome any feedback to improve the program.


Player evaluations will be required this year in order to properly balance the teams next year

The Concussion Awareness sheet has been added to this section for quick and easy reference - please print it and put it into your coach bag, you never know when you may need to look at it.

Also- changes are coming to youth soccer - U.S. Soccer is mandating certain changes in how the age groups are created (travel players only) as well as the recommended size of the playing field and numbers of players on the field at a time for each age group.

Please email to discuss training options